Over the span of last six years, Singapore has truly established itself as Asia’s top and leading destination when it comes to advanced and quality medical care. The country’s exponential growth in medical tourism is a testament of it. Did you know that Singapore generated approximately $832 million from international patients in the year 2013? That is definitely impressive!

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons that are supporting the rapid growth of the medical tourism industry in Singapore:

1. One Destination for a Whole Range of Medical Care Services

Singapore is a multi faceted medical hub offering foreign patients, both economical and an extensive range of medical care services from health-screening services to high end surgical treatments. These are available in a wide range of specialties including but not limited to cardiology, oncology, organ transplants, neurology, ophthalmology, pediatrics and orthopedics.

2. Internationally Recognized

Singapore’s quality medical and healthcare system has been internationally recognized. In 2014, the country was ranked first by Bloomberg for having the most efficient medical and healthcare systems out of 51 other countries.

Furthermore, in the PHD Chamber Medical & Wellness Tourism Report (2013), Singapore was ranked number 1 global favorite medical tourism destination. Besides this, the country’s blood supply is ranked among the safest across the globe.

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3. High Quality Medical Services

Another reason that makes Singapore a top overseas destination to travel to for medical care among international patients is that here, patients get quality medical services at affordable prices and that too, in a safe and welcoming environment with no political uncertainty, instability or social unrest.

The country continues to invest in and develop its infrastructure & robust medical eco system. Additionally, health care professionals are also constantly strengthening medical capabilities via professional exchange & also have access to innovative medical technologies.

Singapore boasts a team of well-respected healthcare providers trained in the best centers worldwide and over 21 medical centers and hospitals accredited by JCI (The Joint Commission International).

4. The Application of Innovative Technology by Singaporean Doctors have created a Number of the ‘Firsts’ in Asian Medical History

For example:

  • The first ever separation of the Nepalese twins
  • The first ever percutaneous aortic valve replacement
  • The first ever heart & liver transplant in South East Asia
  • The world’s first operation for a rare ectopic pregnancy, and that too, with a single incision, conducted through the belly button.

These have all strengthened the image of the country in the minds of international patients abroad. On the basis of these procedures, Singapore has earned the trust and respect of medical travelers and they know that they can trust the procedures offered in Singapore.

5. Government is playing a Pivotal Role

The country’s government is also playing a pivotal role in promoting medical tourism and attracting medical tourists from overseas. The Singaporean government established SingaporeMedicine in 2013 led by the Ministry of Health. This body aims to provide quality information to medical tourists, strengthening its image as Asia’s top medical hub. It includes guides about available medical treatments, facilities, tourism activities and treatment costs.

Other promotional activities and efforts by SingaporeMedicine include organizing international conferences, symposiums and medical field courses. These activities and efforts have not only helped in attracting medical tourists but also potential investors & international scholars in this area.

6. Medical Tourists Flying in From the US or Europe Can Enjoy Massive Savings on Medical Procedures

A leading reason of the significant growth in Singapore’s medical tourism is the fact that medical procedures are offered at half the price, compared to most European countries. Therefore, medical tourists especially from the US and Europe prefer to get medical procedures and treatments in Singapore, as they can enjoy massive savings on procedures that otherwise cost big in the US and Europe. Medical tourists can enjoy an average range of savings of 25 to 40 percent in Singapore. Imagine hundreds and thousands of dollars you can save on surgical procedures and treatments?

7. International Patients Traveling to Singapore for Treatments

Though international patients continue to arrive from all over the world to Singapore for medical treatments and procedures, the top 5 nationalities of international patients/medical tourists traveling to Singapore are Indonesians, Malaysians, Bangladeshis, Vietnamese and Myanmar. According to a report published by the Ministry of Health of Singapore and The STB (Singapore Tourism Board), in the year 2011, Indonesians traveling to Singapore for medical treatments accounted for nearly 47.2 percent, Malaysians accounted for 11.5 percent, Bangladeshis accounted for 5 percent, Vietnamese 4.1 percent and Myanmar accounted for roughly 2.7 percent.

8. Singaporean Medical Facilities are Equipped with the Latest Medical Treatments and Trends

Both public and private hospitals are making efforts and collaborating with western hospitals like Massachusetts General Hospital, Pennsylvania University Medical Center and John Hopkins University Hospital to keep up with the latest medical treatments and trends. Additionally, efforts have also been made to create an information counter at Singapore’s Changi airport where tourists travelling to Singapore are provided with promotional healthcare materials and advice.

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