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Medical Tourism Starter KitVideo Transcript: Hi guys my name is Gilliam Elliot I specialize in working with healthcare providers facilitators clinics travel agents anybody basically in the medical tourism industry so I want to come to you today and go over some specifics in regards to medical tourism facilitators and how to grow the growing medical tourism facilitation agency and also how to just have a more efficient one in regards to running smoother and we’re working with patients so I have an outline here today that I want to go over with you we’re going to first start off with patient education then we’re going to go into patient contact patient coordination partnerships accreditation with providers that you work with marketing your company trusted brand how to get a trusted brand and then the last one the eighth one is going to be the follow up with the patient so as you can see it’s a lot of things to do with patients and and how to handle them how to have a better business through having great relationships with the with your base and with their and which are patients so the first one patient education this is going to be your main one of your main aspects of your business so patient education goes into making sure that the patient is aware of the location that they’re going to things that that things to do in that destination educating them on the health care provider on the facility that they’re going to be at and making them feel really comfortable and making them excited about the place that they’re going to be traveling to to get this medical treatment the second one is going to be patient contact this goes into you have the patient now the patient’s abroad or there in the destination that they’re going to get the procedure in you want to make sure that they’re the first person that you that they that you speak to when they get there you want to make sure that they’re the last person that you speak to or the Facebook to when they leave and all throughout the trip you want to make sure that they’re on time for their appointment you want to make sure that the schedule is is getting met and that they’re going to every appointment that you guys are scheduled form then it goes into patient coordination this kind of goes into patient contact as well it’s just making sure that you that should have them everywhere they need to be when they’re on that medical tourism venture making sure that everybody need to be on time in a timely fashion and then you want to go into partnerships now you’re making sure that obviously they’re getting everywhere on time but but the most one of the most important things as well as that you want to make sure that they’re that you connect them with a great health care provider this is making sure that they’re with the best doctor in that destination making sure that somebody’s on staff that speaks that patient’s language their native tongue so you know if somebody’s going to another country they don’t speak that language they’re not obviously going to have a good time or they’re not going to feel safe if they’re if the staff doesn’t speak their language rather know there’s nobody on the staff that speaks their language so that’s something that’s really important I’ve seen that happen before and that’s not a good not a good reflection on your business so you definitely want to make sure that’s something that you keep in mind marketing your business right so this goes into even attracting the patient in the first in the first place right you want to make sure you know what are you going to target are you going to target individuals are you going to talk to corporations you know what are you looking at it and for as far as your budget you know how are you gonna you know what’s going to be the timeline to get your return on investment you definitely want to look into your marketing and make sure that you come up with the best plan possible so you can even attract the adequate amount of patients to have a successful business so that’s something that’s really important as well a trusted brand you know this goes into a couple of these that we just spoke about you you’re going to have a trusted brand if you work with the right partners if you work with the right health care providers if you’re not working with the right Hector broader Gulf a bit if something goes wrong the patient doesn’t feel right because the doctor didn’t adequately treat them this goes into your brand because no matter what happens you can always rest assure that the patient is going to place the blame on you you’re the first point of contact that they that they spoke to you obviously advocated for to go to this destination work with this doctor so this all falls on your company shoulders it all falls on you so you want to make sure that you’re working with the right partners so you can have a trusted brand and having a trusted brand it’s gonna gonna benefit you not only for the long haul it also can benefit you in the short term as well a lot of people think as brand as down the road Branka mean somebody somebody can have a great experience with you and they’ll actually refer a family member a friend this is revenue for you and I’ve seen this happen in a matter of days when somebody had they get back home they had a successful trip they saved a you know 70% on that procedure they were gonna tell people right they tell somebody oh my god you know you know just for an example I had a lady she went she got bariatric surgery she lost you know she felt she felt after the loss she obviously was excited she wanted to tell people she want to take photos she want to put them on social media people asked how did you lose it what did you go she told them who the contact right and this is something that you want to obviously incorporate and it goes into number eight our last point which is the follow-up after you know somebody had a successful trip you know that they’ve seen the results whether it’s cosmetic surgery whether it’s dentistry whether it’s Bariatrics whatever it might be as you know medical tourism it covers all spectrums whatever it might be you want to do that follow-up you want to ask for referrals you want to ask for testimonials whether you know you asking for video testimonials whether you ask for written testimonials you wanna you want to maximize that experience you want to obviously make sure that if the person had a good time you want that to be shared not only through them but you want to be shared through your your company as well so that’s something that’s really important obviously there’s more things that go into this but I do want to do a recap and just kind of go over everything patient education we went over a patient education obviously that’s you know letting the patient know what what’s the best destination for them a visit you know what to expect they go to that destination what doctor they’re going to be dealing with and and what credentials that doctors have and basically getting them excited about the whole experience right because a lot of lot of people it’s the first time ever medical tourism so you want to get them excited about it you want to let them know the benefits of it the cost savings of it you really want to educate them and that’s really the basis of everything of all these points patient contact we talked about you obviously want to make sure that you are always communicating with the patient when they’re abroad also when they get home you want to do the follow up with them and make sure they go there their appointments on time which goes into coordination you you got to make sure that you’re organizing everything and that everything goes smoothly that’s basically what you do you organize everything for these patients that’s what they’re paying you for which by the way I’m gonna have a video on how facilitators take payment so I’ll be having that video coming up really soon as well it’s multiple different ways you can take payment as well partnerships we run into partnerships that goes into making sure you’re working with the right healthcare providers right also something else with partnerships – kind of a bonus is that you can do partnerships that that benefits you financially as well as a company like getting with self-funded employers working with insurance companies that could send you a lot of patients these are different ways that partnerships can really benefit your company accredited providers that’s what we were talking about earlier making sure that you’re working with with the doctor that has accreditation making sure you work with a health care provider clinic or a hospital that has accreditation whether it’s JCI accreditation what is accreditation of Canada you know make sure they have accreditation because that obviously means that somebody has analyzed their facilities or their clinics and made sure that they’ve had things that meet meet standards meets the JCI standard meets the Canadian accreditation standard whatever that standard might be you want to make sure they meet that marketing as we talked about marketing is very important this is where I work with a lot of facilitators and health care providers and doctors you know making sure their names out there in a positive light and making sure that they’re developing developing key brand brand strategies that that that resonate with people in that connect to their audience you want to make sure obviously trusted brands something that goes into marketing as well making sure that when your name’s out there it’s seeing a light that you want your company to be seen in on your own time and you basically telling your own narrative your own story and then the follow up as we talked about if you if you’re doing all this good stuff and nobody knows about it your company gets no no credit for it so you want to make sure you follow up you want to make sure you get those testimonials or reviews and then also making sure that the customers out there brand new your company as well right you want to have advocates for your company and every good customer is an advocate for your customer for you for your company so thank you so much I will be coming to you more videos and thank you for joining that Thanks