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Medical Tourism Facilitator Contracts: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Drafting A Contract By Gilliam Elliott 

Having a strong medical tourism facilitator contract in place is one of the most important steps when facilitating patients. But what is a facilitator, and what is their role in the medical tourism industry? As a medical tourism facilitator it is your job to develop and maintain great relationships with accredited hospitals, doctors, and clinics. You also want to have attractive destinations to promote in order to get your patients excited about traveling abroad for these medical procedures. Once you have developed these relationships, it’s time to go look for potential patients who are interested in traveling abroad for medical tourism. Fill out the contact form to watch the full video.

But before you start promoting a hospital, doctor, or clinic, you’re going to want to make sure you have a medical tourism facilitator contract in place. The same goes for the patients. It’s essential to have a medical tourism agreement in place before you start coordinating trips for patients, or setting up arrangements and handling medical records. It’s vital that you have a medical tourism contract in place to protect your company, as well as to protect the patient. Facilitation contracts will make or break your medical tourism company, and determine whether you thrive and grow, or whether you crash and burn. I truly believe that a proper medical tourism facilitator agreement is what separates the great medical tourism facilitators and everyone else in the medical tourism industry.

If you’re new to medical tourism, looking to get more resources, or thinking about becoming a medical tourism facilitator, check out our Facilitator Gold Membership, which has all these contracts and much more. This includes things such as patient waiver agreements, contracts between hospitals and facilitators, and really anything you would need to be successful in the medical tourism industry. The Facilitator Gold Membership provides multiple agreements that were composed by lawyers who specialize in international business and healthcare travel.

These contracts were made specifically for medical tourism facilitators. Outside of these, we also have things like business plans for medical tourism facilitators, as well as aftercare tools and other risk management tools for people in the industry. This membership really encompasses everything that a medical tourism facilitator needs to be successful in the medical tourism industry.

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