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  • 7 facts about health tourism that you may not know 
  • Dental Tourism: Travel for a smile 
  • 5 common misconceptions about health tourism

The health and wellness industry is growing like never before. Today there are millions of people utilizing medical travel to access top notch procedures for affordable prices. Although the industry has experienced this positive growth, it could be a lot bigger if there weren’t so many misconceptions. Here are 5 of the most common ones we hear (Learn More)


Dental Tourism: 3 Shocking Reasons Why People Are Seeking Dental Treatment Abroad. (don’t use blog from MMT use other document you bout master right to)

One of the most popular procedures that medical tourists seek is dental care. In countries like the US a basic dental procedure can costs thousands of dollars, especially if the patient doesn’t have dental insurance. Facilitators can have a lot of success by tapping into this market (Learn More)

7 Amazing Facts About Health Tourism

Over the years, the health and wellness industry has expanded like no other. This growth is the perfect opportunity for medical tourism facilitators to help more patients from around the world. Here are the facts you need to know about medical tourism (Learn More)