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Medical Tourism Starter KitVideo Transcript: I want to come to you guys today with an email response video now we get a lot of emails on a daily basis from healthcare clinics, from international hospitals, from governments, medical tourism facilitators, and travel agents, so sometimes I pick random emails and I choose to do a response videos to them like I’m doing today. I am leave the individuals name out and the company’s name but I do want to just read this email to you guys respond to it because I do think it can help a lot of startup companies a lot of medical tourism facilitators and other medical tourism institutions who are getting into the medical tourism industry so the email starts off “hi Gilliam Elliott I am new to the medical tourism industry I am in the process of setting up a medical tourism facilitator company I ran across your website and I would like to know how your medical tourism membership can help” me so this is a common email that we get from startup companies who are just entering the medical tourism industry or variation of emails like this and I want to go over just a few points of how we can help startups how we can help this health tourism company as well as your company in the medical tourism industry so while there are a vast amount of ways we can help this clinic, I’m just going to stick to a

few basic ways because I don’t want to take up too much of your time today I will have other videos similar to this one but the first way we can help this business is by education and training what I mean by training in education is training you on the best practices of medical tourism things like before care after care continuum of care patient experience all these things are going to help you mitigate your risk as a medical tourism facilitator in the medical tourism industry so this is what I mean by training education also another thing we have for members is continuing education so you can will continuing education you’re going to find out about new trends new things that are going on new reports information that can help you grow your business and help you have a competitor edge, the next way we can help this individual is through their website and do branding now with the website we have a whole team that works on creating websites for medical tourism institutions for medical tourism facilitators clinics hospitals they can they can really brand your company through Google and also with search engine optimization and just make sure that your company is showing up on the top of Google showing up on the top of Yahoo search engines and make sure that patients are visiting your website you can obviously continue to grow your business that way we can also connect you with hospitals physicians insurance companies self-funded employers your network is really going to determine how good your brand is as a medical tourism facilitator because you can do all the right things facilitate and coordinate a trip for a patient but if the doctor does a crappy procedure or if a doctor does a subpar procedure that ultimately reflects bad on your company so we can also connect you with with reliable physicians and hospitals and clinics as well another one can help your startup expand and grow is through practical documents and resources so what I mean by practical documents and resources is things like patient waivers contract agreement guidelines these are just things you want to make sure you have in all your medical tourism agreements sample business plans ebooks we have a wonderful ebook that just came out it’s the ultimate guide to medical tourism facilitation which will obviously be helpful to all startups medical tourism startups we also have visa letters these are letters that you can give to your patients who are traveling from other countries we also have other things like pre-screening documents risk mitigation manuals pricing manuals menus on how to partner with with healthcare providers so we have a whole host of things and and I’m trying to be as brief as possible because we have a lot of different practical tools that you can use as a start-up to help you help your business at the beginning phases but guys we’re going to be with you through this whole process from the beginning to the end as you grow the business we’re going to give you all the tools you need to become an industry leader but these are just a few things like I said it’s a whole host of other things and we’re really trying to when you first start we really want to have a conversation with this see exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and really come up with an outline of how your medical tourism membership is going to play out.