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3 Ways Clinics Can Increase Patient Flow By Gilliam Elliott

Video Transcript: Hey guys Gilliam Elliott here want to come to you guys today with another educational video regarding medical tourism now today guys I want to focus on healthcare clinics and how our membership benefits can help healthcare clinics in the medical tourism industry now we do have a lot of membership benefits for clinics so at the out-start we really like to have a conversation with you find out what your clinic is trying to accomplish as an organization and then put some membership benefits in place that coincides with your aims and objectives as a health care clinic so today we’re only going to focus on three membership benefits just for the sake of time now the first one that I want to go and get into is connecting your clinic with facilitators so medical tourism facilitators are a big component and driving traffic to health care organizations as you might know we work with a lot of medical tourism facilitators teaching them the best practices in medical tourism and also connecting them with with health care providers like yourself now when it comes to connecting with these facilitators we have a networking platform you’re able to talk to other fellow members not just medical tourism facilitators also travel agents also other clinics other hospitals and other health care providers around the world anybody lose a member will be on this platform and you’ll have access to them so getting back to medical tours and facilitators that you can connect with through our networking platform you’re able to reach out to them they’re able to reach out to you so not only you guys able to connect with each other but you guys are also able to vet each other this allows you to the vet facilitators make sure that they meet your standards as far as a partner is concern so through our membership platform you’re able to network with medical tourism facilitators all over the globe and get international patients from all over the globe and also this becomes another lead generation tool and also you’re able to know that they remember like you’re a member and you can also know that we taught them the best practices and they have available to them the best resources in regards to facilitating patients when it comes to documents when it comes to the logistics and when it comes to information it throughout the medical tourism industry now the second benefit of membership that I would like to go over is our consumer referrals so we have very detailed consumer referrals on our platform we post them for members that have access to they’re going to give you a host of information about the patient before you even have a conversation with them that’s where the good for you because you’re able to understand their needs and what their goals are on this medical tourism trip so that’s really important and I also just like to take a brief moment to stop and recap on the last two things that we went over so the first one was networking right so you’re able to meet facilitators who can send you patient leads from all over the globe this second point is that we also provide you patient leads guys it’s really important because that’s two streams of patient leads right there and those are only two benefits so not only do we try to get you access to direct patient leads we also try to connect you with different avenues to generate patient leads through your through your fellow members and also through other avenues as well so with these detailed patient leads you’re going to be getting a lot of things I don’t want to waste too much of your time by going over it you can reach out to us we’ll have a representative go over those details with you but it is going to give you enough information to know how to position yourself when communicating with this with this patient or with this potential patient that you’ll be be working with so the third benefit of membership that I want to go over with you guys is Google ranking or search engine optimization so this is basically just getting your website found on Google getting you ranked on that first page of Google so patients can find you easily so when they type in certain key phrases your website pops up over your competitors or over other healthcare organizations now you can find a host of search engine optimization companies or companies or rank you on Google the only thing with the guys is that they don’t know medical tourism and nine times out of ten they probably never heard of medical tourism our company as you know we specialize in medical tourism it’s the only thing we do so when you come to us we know the phrases that patients type in to search companies depending on the region that you’re in that’s also going to determine on the phrases that we rank your website on so these are things that keep it in mind as a member you do get a discount on our search engine or Google ranking services but that’s the last benefit and that’s going to get you a lot of patient leaves guys and not only in the short term it’s mainly for the long term not the short term excuse me but yeah this is the last benefit I want to go with you guys but just to recap it’s going to be networking that’s ways you can connect with other members who can generate you or help you generate patient leads the second benefit we went over today is direct patient leads those very detailed patient leads with the telephone numbers of the patient you know what they’re traveling for were countries that want to travel to etc and then the last one was ranking your website on Google so patients can find you easier so thank you guys today for joining again if you guys are looking to attract more international patients reach out to us if you’re looking for educational tools maybe you’re new to the medical tourism industry let us know I’m going to leave some links below I’ll see you guys can reach out to us directly but I really think you guys for joining today and we’re kind of trying to keep bringing you content keep bring your educational videos about medical tourism thank you