Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned medical tourism professional, MTB is committed to providing a variety of learning opportunities to help you meet your educational development needs. Our membership provides: best practice manuals, patient experience guidelines, facilitator business plans, ready-use-legal contracts, patient surveys, marketing strategies, and much more. The Facilitator Gold Membership comes with full membership benefits and international patient leads for your agency.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for medical tourism facilitators is extremely important. If you don’t have a website or if you’re website isn’t highly visible on Google, for international patients searching for a facilitator, you may never be able to build business credibility and attract medical tourism clients on a consistent basis, to sustain long term success. This is why we offer patient marketing on Make Medical Trip, our consumer website.

Global Medical Tourism Directory

Our medical tourism directories are visited by thousands of medical tourists looking for more information about traveling abroad for medical treatment. By being listed on our directories, you allow patients to find out more about your service and how your company can assist them in the medical tourism process.

Each exclusive listing includes a corporate profile with your organizations contact information, logo, and company bio. Get more exposure for your company by listing your organization on our global directory.

Medical Tourism Website Templates

All MTB members get a 20% discount on medical tourism website templates and custom designed websites. Website templates allow you to get online really quickly by utilizing a pre-design website that was created for medical tourism companies. Every website template can be personalized to your liking. Concurrently, we can even get your site found by medical tourism clients on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

MTB Business Plan

Our medical tourism business plans are an essential road-map and the blueprint for your organizations success. This document projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines the route that your company will take to grow revenue. 

B2B Legal Contracts

These are contractual agreements between the “medical tourism facilitator and healthcare providers” to ensure both parties are legally protected during medical coordination.


Our membership networking platform provides your medical tourism business with endless opportunities to network with healthcare providers and fellow members.

Patient Waiver Contracts

These are contractual agreements between the “patient and the medical tourism company” and will ensure that you get your fees and mitigate your liability if something goes unplanned during the medical trip taken by the patient.

Lead Conversion Training

We place a heavy emphasis on lead conversion training. Startup medical tourism agencies lose the vast majority of their prospective customers due to their initial telephone call. This is why it is important to have proper lead conversion training and talking points to make sure you give the patients what they’re looking for. 

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