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Video Transcript: Hi guys Gilliam Elliott here I want to come to you guys today with another educational video about medical tourism now today I want to focus on consumer conversion or patient conversion now we get a lot of telephone calls from around the world these telephone calls come from hospitals they come from clinics they come from government organizations medical terms and facilitators and also other stakeholders in the medical tourism industry now most of these telephone calls that we receive to our office are regarding one of our membership benefits whether it’s ranking you know their website on Google whether it’s a new company that wants us to create a website for them or they focus on one of our other online marketing services that we provide and then sometimes the calls are focused on our patient leaves that we provide to our members and this last point is what I really want to focus on our patient leads and this was sparked today by telephone call I had with a small business in the medical tourism industry it was actually a startup medical terms and facilitation company and the guy asked me he said hey Gil when I joined the membership what can I expect as far as patient conversion now this isn’t my first time hearing this we hear this all the time and my natural response to him was it depends on who’s talking to the patient or what company’s talking to the patient is going to depend on the patient conversion that you have and that’s always my stance and so this video was inspired by that telephone call and I want to go over some some some really key points of how you can increase your your patient conversion rate whether you’re a clinic whether you’re hospital you know whether you’re medical tourism facilitator these points are going to be geared towards increasing that that patient conversion rate and getting more patients in your doors so you can help more people and help more patients now when I say patient conversion rate I simply mean out of the leads that you’re receiving how many of those leads turn into actual clients of yours or actual patients that you’re helping out of the ones that you’re receiving so that’s just not you know focused on on the lease that we send y’all this also could pertain to your your lease that you’re generating your website everybody needs to know what their conversion rate is and if you have a low conversion rate chances are you probably need to tweak some things so you can help more people so you can help more patients that get more patients in your door today I want to focus on how you can have more meaningful conversations with these patients to have a higher conversion rate and to get more patients through your doors and using your services so you can help more people around the world through medical tourism because make no mistake about it medical tourism is saving lives medical tourism is saving people money and medical tourism is getting people better access to care all around the globe so that’s what I think about when I talk about getting your consumer rate up and when I talk about getting your patient conversion rate up it’s helping more people helping more families and helping more individuals around the globe now just for an example if you are having a hundred people coming to your website every day but you’re only having one or two people fill out your contact form or reaching out to you then that means you have a very low conversion rate through your website and we need to work on that how we can bring that up because that’s a lot of people who are coming to your website but they just aren’t opting into your form and there’s a reason for that and we can work with you on how to bring that up but I do want to go and get into the video today okay guys so most of these points that we’re going to go over today are going to be focused on the conversation and the communication that you’re going to have with the patient as I mentioned earlier we’re trying to make sure you have more effective conversations with the patient making sure that you address other questions making sure they understand what you’re going to provide to them in a very clear and decisive way and vice versa so the first point that I want to get into is finding out how the patient found out about your services now early if you recall we were speaking on how to increase your patient conversion rate in order to increase your patient conversion rate you want to find out how these patients are hearing about you because then you can maybe invest more money in that resource and allocate more funds to that resource you can get more of these patients coming to your website now obviously if they came through our 04:16 website and we and we provided it to you that’s one thing but I also want you to think a little bit more so out of the box than that if they come to your website you find out how they found out about your services was it Google was it being was it a friend some some other place online you really want to find out because you might want to allocate more resources to get more patients coming from that specific source or you might want to invest more your money torque towards that Avenue so you can get more patients coming to your website and this gives you kind of idea of what you need to go with your business plan throughout the year and what you need to invest you know a large portion of your money or some of your money at a bare minimum so that’s the first one find out how they found out about your services so the next one is when communicating with the patient over the phone you want to listen right and there’s no more to it on that one you just want to listen you really want to listen to find out what the patient’s goals are what they want to accomplish on this medical tourism trip and make sure that you can provide that service and once they tell you what that is and you find out you can’t provide that service then you want to articulate it in a manner that clearly communicates what you can provide them and how you can solve their problem on this medical tourism trip but you really want to listen now this next point is geared towards medical tourism facilitators and guys I want to promise this is the only point on the list that that’s going to be focused at medical terms and facilitators the rest of them are general points that hospitals clinics and any other health care organization can use as well but this point is specifically for medical tourism facilitators and it is finding out what medical condition the patient has and what illness is affecting the patient and how as a health care organization it’s going to obviously be one of the first things you ask so that’s why this one is more so towards facilitators because it’s a facilitator you mainly focusing on coordinating a trip making sure everything’s organized but you don’t want to forget to ask at the beginning what medical condition that patient has this helps you position yourself as a medical chosen facilitator to discuss specific things now some patients are just going for cosmetic procedures but also there’s other patients who have more serious conditions and more serious ailments and more serious things that are life-threatening and terminal illnesses so you really need to know what medical condition this patient is traveling for because it’s gonna help you position yourself on this trip because there might be certain things that you might need to put in place for this specific type of patient now the fourth point I want to go over with you guys is finding out the timeframe this patient wants to get this medical procedure done and when they’re looking at travel for this medical procedure now this is important for you because it really lets you know should I go ahead and spend a lot of time on this patient and really put everything in order for them to travel because it’s urgent or someone who’s just going through the research phase maybe I should just help them over the telephone stash their paperwork away and then follow up with them at a different time in the future and help them at a later date but this really is important and you want to get this out of the way as soon as possible when you’re speaking to someone so you know exactly how to use your time and the wisest way possible now the fifth point I want to go over with you guys is after you found out you know what medical procedure that they’re traveling for you listen to them you found out exactly what what they’re looking to accomplish on this medical tourism trip and you found out the timeframe they’re looking to travel in the next thing you want to do is let them know how you can solve their problem and let them know a little bit about your company so that goes without saying I guess the only point the only thing I would really add on to that is that you guys really don’t want to bombard them with too much information about your company because nobody knows your company like you know your company and so you kind of want to keep that to a limit but you really want to express to them how your company can benefit them and make sure they’re right match for your company and you’re the right match for them and then the last point I would go over with you guys is making sure you guys get the best contact information for this patient and that means you know more than one telephone number making sure you get the best email address for this person just so they can send you their medical information when I say medical information I mean the diagnostic report their medical records just you can make sure they’re a good candidate for this medical procedure that they want done and then after you get that information then you can provide them an estimate after that but I wouldn’t provide them an estimate before you get all the necessary documentation that you need for this patient if you’re a facilitator after you get this information then obviously we want to reach out to your network of doctors set up a telephone call with the patient and with the physician and if you’re a clinic you obviously know where to take it take it from there if you’re a hospital you obviously know where to take it from there hey guys thanks for joining the video today if you to expand your medical tourism business by joining our membership program maybe you’re looking to attract more international patients maybe a new to the industry and you’re looking to get more educational resources or rank your website on Google or maybe you just need a website created reach out to us we do want to have a conversation with you see how we can work with you and bring your business to a different level but again thanks for joining today